Friday, July 05, 2013

Singapore Trip - March 2013 - Day 3 (Part 1)

Day 3- Part 1

This is the allotted day to visit Universal Studios, Sentosa and the casino at Resorts World. We started a bit late since we left the hotel a little late than our planned schedule. When we arrived at Vivo city, we decided to have a quick breakfast first at McDonald's before heading to our planned destinations. We bought our Sentosa night pass and Sentosa express tickets at the top floor of the mall where the monorail is also located.

Our first stop is Universal Studios. We did not buy the tickets online since my brother told me that there might be some promos if we buy the tickets at the park. The line to is so long! Good thing that there are a lot of counters open so the line was constantly moving and I only waited in line - under the scorching heat of the sun - for about 15 minutes. Another good thing is that I was able to get a 15% discount and 3 $5 meal vouchers by using my MasterCard in purchasing the tickets.

First ride to visit is the Jurassic Park because it is one of the rides that has a very long wait time. The Jurassic Park ride is a little different from the one in the US. The boat in the US is big and is like a real raft boat. It can also accommodate a lot of passengers while in Singapore the boat is circle in shape and can only accommodate 9 passengers. There a still a lot of differences but i can't seem to describe them hahahaha! Next is The Mummy ride then the human roller coaster and the cyclon. 


We then ate lunch at the pizza and pasta restaurant/fast food. This is where my being forgetful comes in, I forgot to use the 3 $5 meal voucher! I only realized this when we were about to go home tsk. Anyway, I forgot the sequence of what we did next. Basically, we rode almost all of the rides and took pictures every now and then. Before going home though we decided to use the meal voucher to purchase several bottled water and then checked out the souvenir shop but did not buy anything.

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