Thursday, July 25, 2013

Resorts World Weekend

Two weeks ago we (me, M and G) spent the weekend at Resorts World for my FIL's birthday. We got a free room at Remington Hotel thanks to my FIL's accumulated casino points. There were a lot of people checking-in the hotel that weekend so it took us about an hour just to be able to get a room. Then when we got to our room, the key card won't work! It took another hour to transfer to another room before we could settle in and relax.

If you haven't been to Remington hotel and plan to check-in one of these days, well then here are some things to expect during your stay there:

1. The room, especially the bathroom, is small.
2. The hallways are not air-conditioned.
3. There is no mini fridge or mini bar.
4. The parking is not free but you get a flat rate of 100 for in-house guests.
5. The air-con thermostat cannot be changed. It is either you turn it off or on.
6. There are always a lot of people checking-in/out during weekends.
7. There are 2 complimentary water bottles.
8. They have a mid-size LCD TV with cable channels.
9. There are vendo machines in every floor, near the elevator.

During our stay there, we spent the afternoon watching Despicable Me 2. Then we headed off to dinner at Passion in Maxim's hotel to celebrate my FIL's birthday. After dinner, me and G went back to the hotel to rest and watch TV while the others went to the casino to play and drink.

Here are some pictures:

OOTD: Jumpsuit: Armani Exchange * Inner tube: Mango * Sandals: Zigisoho * Watch: FCUK * Bag: Gucci

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