Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Online Shopping Woes

I've been contemplating since last week if I should purchase the things that I like in several online stores. Yesterday, I have finally decided to buy them and have it delivered to my bro's house in the US. Unfortunately, they don't accept Philippine issued credit cards :(. I even called the store's customer service hotline last night to check if my purchases pushed through (since my bank said I have floating transactions) but they informed me that they only accept US issued credit cards... huhuhuhu!

I wanted to buy a lot around 10 items then as time passes by the number of items that I wanted to purchase dwindled until there were only 2 left. So, I just decided to email to my sis-in-law the pictures and details of the items that I want and told them to go to all the malls that has a PacSun store and look for the items that I like hahahaha!

I'm hoping that they will be able to find the 2 items asap before it runs out of stock or sizes!!!

Moving on to my outfit of the day last Wednesday:

OOTD shot with my lunch box :D
Top: no brand, from bazaar * Skirt: no brand, from bazaar * Shoes: Aldo * Watch: Guess

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