Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Friday


I'm so happy that it's Friday already! 

So excited to just chill at home and play with G this weekend until Monday. Yes, that's right, until Monday because I am on leave on Monday! Thanks to the yearly state of the nation address, I have a long weekend. I took a leave because I don't want to go through the hellish traffic again near our village due to the SONA road closure. And because I am on leave, I'm hoping that I can catch up with my blog posts too (crossing fingers).

Moving on to my outfit of the day. I was not able to take a picture of my office attire last Friday but I was able to take a picture of my outfit when I attended a debut party at Manila Hotel (also last Friday). I was actually thinking if I should buy a new formal long dress for the party but since I am on shopping hiatus I just decided to wear the long mango dress that I bought in SG last year. It is good enough to be a formal wear so I have more reason not to buy :D

trying to take a pic of my headpiece

Dress: Mango * Shoes: Bershka * Watch: Charriol * Bracelet: from my mom * Headpiece: Forever 21 * my engagement ring

The hotel brings back good memories. I had my wedding preps and reception at Manila Hotel (Maynila Ballroom too!) 5 years ago... it seems like only yesterday... man, I'm getting old!

Maybe I can post some of my wedding pictures here... I'll try to do that soon.

Have a great weekend!

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