Sunday, June 02, 2013

Singapore Trip - March 2013 - Day 2

Day 2

Left the hotel around 930 am. We first went to expo since it is the farthest place in our itinerary for today. We checked out the stores in the mall first before heading to the Singapore Expo. We were able to buy some clothes on sale at G2000, Lacoste and Cotton On. Then we went to the Singapore expo center to check out what's happening there. THEY HAVE AN ELECTRONICS SALE, ROBINSONS SALE, BABY EXPO and a lot more! We should've known about this earlier so that we went there first instead of the mall. We went arrived there after lunch and there are A LOT of people already. Y and M went to the electronics expo and I checked out the baby expo and Robinson's. I was only able to buy a ferragamo perfume at Robinson's. I was having second thoughts of buying it because i was still going to buy a few more perfumes and I wanted to get the tax refund. But i can't resist the good discount - originally costing around 90+ SGD it is on sale for only 52.90 SGD (it costs $104 USD in duty free manila)!

Next stop is Bugis. This is our first time to visit Bugis and we ended up in Bugis junction mall to eat our late lunch. I was able to buy some bikinis on sale (sale! sale! sale! everywhere!) at Topshop while Y bought something at Topman. We then crossed the street to check out the Bugis shopping center and we were overwhelmed! It looks like Divisoria! M decided to just go back to our hotel to rest. He does not want to go inside the shopping center because there were a lot of people! Me and Y went in to check out the stores and also to have some money changed to SGD. We went inside a local food store and bought weird Japanese food to bring home hehehe. Then y bought some shot glass souvenirs, I did not buy anything! I should have bought some ref magnet or something as a souvenir.

Well anyway, we went to Uniqlo beside the shopping center. Y went inside but did not buy anything. When we went up the 2nd floor of Uniqlo, we found out that we were inside another mall! We got excited that we hurriedly went outside and checked out the other stores. Y went inside Quiksilver and I went inside Bershka. I love the clothes there and the shoes. I found 2 nice shoes but was planning to just buy 1 since the other 1 is expensive. But i have learned my lesson already from my previous trips: to buy the things that I like so that I won't have any regrets when I get home. So, I bought those 2 shoes that i liked then checked out the other stores again but was not able to buy anything.

We went back to the hotel (and found M sleeping!) to rest a little before heading for dinner. We just ate dinner at the food court of Wisma Atria. We wanted to eat our favorite roast pork and Wisma is the nearest place with food court that we know. After dinner, M bought the shirts that he liked at Lacoste. I checked out Forever New but decided not to buy since i can go back there anytime (it is near our hotel). Then we went to H&M! Oh boy did we shop! We shopped until the store closed at 10 pm (well, we started a bit late, around 8-830 pm)! I was happy with what I got. I found it cheap because i got 7 items for only 230 SGD! M also bought a lot for only 220 SGD! We were happy, but I am not yet finish since I was not able to try on some other things that I like because the store is closing.

We just went back to the hotel to rest. M and Y drank the free beer from our mini bar while I am here writing the entry for my blog. Time check: 12:45 am. Need to sleep now to have enough energy for our Universal and Sentosa trip tomorrow.

*This blog entry was written during my SG Trip

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