Wednesday, June 05, 2013

My Amazon Packages

*Late post

Last May 22, I have received the notice from our local post office that my packages are ready for pick up. My mom picked it up last May 23 and I was super excited to get home and check them out. Good thing though that I only ordered 1 small book and 1 pair of sandals so my mom did not have to pay any additional tax at the post office customs (they usually charge an insanely huge amount of tax for bigger packages). She only paid 50 Php for each package (handling fee).

So, I now present to you my 2 (small and relatively cheap) amazon buys:

I have already worn this last week

If you plan on buying stuff online (amazon, ebay, online clothing stores, etc), I would discourage you on having it shipped in the Philippines directly by passing through our post office. You will definitely have a problem with the post office customs, they like to charge triple the amount of the package as tax!

Several of my friends advised me to use the or frs shop and ship service. Go to their website for more info. They will charge a bit expensive for the shipping costs but you won't have any problem with the post office customs anymore.

Happy online shopping!

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  1. I've been using Johnny Air for shipping (had my Kindle shipped thru them) and they're also great.
    - Tala