Monday, June 17, 2013

Man of Steel and Sailor Moon

Since we weren't able to get tickets for our company's cinema night, which is tomorrow, we just decided to watch Man of Steel last Thursday. It was not really planned since all of the seats in all cinemas at Greenbelt were taken. We found good seats at Trinoma (via online reservation) but the showing time is at 9 pm. M had this feeling that not all movie showing time are shown in the website of Greenbelt cinema, so he decided to go to Greenbelt at lunch time to see if there are still tickets. He was right, he found good seats at a 7 pm showing time (this showing time is not shown in their website). So instead of going to the gym after office, we watched Man of Steel.

The movie is so-so for me, I just got excited because Kevin Costner is in the movie but the story itself is a bit dragging. The introduction of superman, how their planet ended, how his adoptive parents guided him in life was good for me but I don't like the "fighting" scenes. There was not enough action and it was taking so long before there is a conclusion to what was happening. It was good during the first and half hour but after that, I got bored and my butt muscles were aching already hahahahaha! Superman's looks saved it though, he was too handsome for me to not watch the whole movie hahahaha!

Would I recommend you to watch it? Yes.
Would I recommend you to watch it more than once? Yes, if you want to see Henry Cavill's face again hahahaha!

Here's what I was wearing last Thursday - ala sailor moon version 1:

Top: no brand * Skirt: Old Navy * Shoes: Michael Kors * Watch: Guess

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