Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Singapore Trip - March 2013 - Day 1 (part 1)

Day 1

We arrived early at the airport so we still had time for breakfast at the miascor vip lounge after our check-in.

We went to the gate just a few minutes before boarding so that we can maximize the free wifi at the lounge haha! This is our first time to right a budget plane for an international flight, the plane is new and not that small. I fell asleep before take off because I only had 3 hours of sleep the night before and was very sleepy. The flight was about 4 hours and I slept through the 3 hours of the flight. I woke up on the last hour just in time to witness and experience the most horrific and scary descend and landing ever of my life! I have traveled so many times in different airlines but this one was the worst. It's like we are going to fall and die! The plane was shaking terribly and moving from side to side! It scared the hell out of all of us passengers!

After landing, we hurriedly went out of the plane and took some pictures before going to the immigration.

When we went to get our bags, we got confused and shocked because both of the bag tags of M (one is from my brother by the way! pakshet!) are gone! We were so frustrated! This is the first time ever that our bag tags got stolen. I have used my brothers bag tag for a long time and in several trips in different countries but it was never stolen! Some assh*le stole, not just one, but both of M's bag tags! Cheap assh*le! F*ck, I still get frustrated whenever i think about that incident.

Anyway, we cannot do anything about it anymore. It is just so frustrating that even a bag tag can be stolen (this gave us more reason to not ride Jetstar anymore, ever!). We took the train going to our hotel at orchard road because 1) we want to experience it and 2) it is cheaper than renting a taxi. It was raining when we got to our hotel so we got a little wet (and our bags). We checked out our room first and settled down before getting our late lunch. We were supposed to eat at pepper lunch but when we saw the prices, we backed off hahahahaha! Imagine the beef pepper rice costs 9.50 SGD, I think it only costs around 150 php back home. So anyway, we just transferred across to the burger joint (mos burger) which was way cheaper hehehehe. I was so hungry that i was not able to take any pictures of our lunch X_x

Hotel room:

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