Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Election Weekend

Did you exercise your right to vote? I did, but I am not happy with the partial and official results so far...

Anyway, let me share to you how my election weekend went.

I was a busy bee this past weekend (busy on weekdays, busy on weekends... haaay). Saturday, we (me, M and G) left the house very early in the morning to have our car serviced. We left the car in the car shop and then Marco went to work and me and G went to the mall to canvas for computer parts (didn't I tell you that we need to replace our computer because it will die anytime soon?). G and I arrived at the mall very early so it was still closed. We ate breakfast first while waiting for the mall to open. We first went to the computer shops to get it out of the way already hahaha! After spending 2 or more hours canvassing for computer parts and relaying all the information I got to M, we have decided to just buy the computer at our favorite computer store hahaha! I shopped a little and then went back to the car shop to pick up the car.

Spongebob at the mall

Spongebob at the mall

The next day (Sunday, Mother's Day), we left the house after lunch to head to the computer store. After finalizing the parts that we like to buy, we paid and then walked to the nearby mall to have a late lunch/early dinner/snack (and shop a little again!). We went back to the computer shop to pick up the CPU but the assembly man informed us that there is a problem with the cooling fan that we bought. It was too big and it cannot fit, so we had about 4 tries of trying to find a good cooling fan that will fit perfectly in the motherboard. At the end, we did not buy anything and just decided to stick the the stock fan. We spent a geeky mother's day, tsk!

Monday is election day. Me, my mom and my dad went to my lola's house (grandma) to vote. We went there after lunch so that there will be less people. The line is not that long and the voting process was quick. It felt like I was taking a college exam because we had to shade the oval next to the name of the candidate that we like to vote for. After voting, I bought some street food and happily ate them at my lola's house. After resting for about 3 hours, we finally went home and then turned on the T.V. to see if there are partial results already. Oh yes, there was and boy was I disappointed! But let's not go into details because politics is a sensitive topic. Let's just say that the only 2 Senatorial candidate that I voted (and are very qualified and deserving) are not even in the top 12! Pft!

Moving on to my outfit of the day :)

Dress: Mango * Cardigan: Zara * Shoes: BCBG * Bangles: Forever 21 * Watch: DKNY

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