Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Swimsuit Shopping in Singapore

I know right, I am not yet done with my Singapore shopping posts hahahaha!

Let me just make this a quick post.

Since I was in singapore already and wanted to buy nice and unique swimsuits to wear to my April Boracay trip, I decided to go all out and buy 3 1/2 sets of bikinis! Yes, 3 1/2 because I was not able to buy the bottom of the other bikini top tsk tsk (so now I am cramming to find a nice bikini bottom to be paired with my top!).

So here are the swimsuits I bought in Singapore:

from H&M, Topshop and Anemone (anemone - I bought here in PH)

As I have mentioned before, I don't like having another person have the same stuff as I have - even though the things I buy are mass produced - but this time I know there is a little chance of another person having the same bikinis as I have since I bought most of them abroad >:)


  1. Those swimsuits are so cute!! I LOVE the last one with the blue leopard and paisley print, super adorable!

  2. me too! when it's on the rack, it doesn't look that appealing but when i tried it on... it looks good! and it's cheap less than $20 each :)

  3. i love anemone swimwear. it fits my figure.ava.ph is giving away discounts on this. http://ava.ph/shops/223-anemone-swimwear.html?type=shop