Monday, April 08, 2013

Singapore Shopping Hangover

Oh yes! I still have a shopping hangover!

I think it is my sickness, once I go shopping it's as if there's no stopping me. I have to control myself (but there are just too many good stuff to buy!).

Well, anyway, I went shopping (again!) last Thursday and yesterday X_x.

Last Thursday, I bought a dress to wear to a beach wedding that we are attending on Sunday and a shorts that is too cute to not buy hahaha!

Then yesterday, after having lunch at Via Mare in Landmark, I wanted to look for some panties to pair with the new bikini top I bought in Singapore (and also buy some lingerie panties... tmi). I browsed around the store very quickly (lunch break time only!) and grabbed those that I wanted to buy. I was contemplating whether I should buy them or not (remember, I just came from a shopping trip in Singapore) but they are just cheap so I bought them ^_^.

*wasn't able to take pictures of the others :(

I have an excuse for shopping, I needed to buy a dress, shorts and the bikini panty to wear to Boracay for the wedding (yeah right, fool yourself krishna!).

'Till my next shopping post...


  1. Love that dress! Can't wait for it to get warmer in my part of the world so that I can find cute summer dresses like that.

  2. Me too! I so love the dress... it's great for summer and the beach!