Monday, April 01, 2013

Shoe Shopping in Singapore!

Hello friends!

As you (my FB friends) all know, I have already posted a preview of my shopping escapade/finds in Singapore. So for those who views my blog but are not my friends in facebook, here is a preview of my shopping trip in Singapore :)

First off... shoes! I know, I only bought 3 pairs. I should have bought a lot! I wasn't able to buy the 2 pairs of sandals that I like due to time constraints and I wasn't able to visit other shoe stores anymore (again, due to time constraints). But the 3rd and last pair that I bought should compensate for all those that I wasn't able to buy hehehehe ^_^

I'll update this with the close up shot of each pair. I have to download the pictures from the camera first!

I have tons of back log of posts already! Waaahhhh!

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