Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Ritual pump in patent Monogram Canvas

Back to work Monday! Vacation is over... :(

Anyway, as seen in my previous post, I bought new shoes! I was so excited to wear the LV one, so I decided to wear it on my first day back in the office after my happy and expensive Singapore vacation. Wee!

A short story about the shoes before my outift post. I saw and fell in love with the shoes at the LV store in Marina Bay Sands. The first shoes that caught my attentions is this:

But it looks a little plain and I already have a lot of wedge shoes. So I roamed around the store and saw this:

I didn't buy it right away because I wanted to show it first to M, my brother and my mom. So I sent them the online picture from the louis vuitton website. While browsing, I saw this and wanted to buy this instead of the single strap:

I asked the LV store in Ngee Ann City if they have the double strap but sadly they don't. They also informed me that the LV stores in SG does not carry the double strap style :(

So I just bought the next best thing... the single strap pumps ^_^

*PS: I saw a double strap but in color blue (alligator skin), I wanted to buy it but saw that it costs $9000 SGD! Hahahahaha!

So back to the purpose of this post... my outfit of the day (Monday):

Hello Ritual pump in patent Monogram Canvas... what a long name for a shoe!
Forgive my fat feet :p

Dress with belt: Forever 21 * Shoes: Louis Vuitton * Watch: Michael Kors


  1. i love the double strap style too! really nice! perfect! but you're right, what you bought is the next best thing. :)
    ...and some might envy you. wahahaha. (you know who)
    *can't help but comment on this post. -K

    1. K my friend! hahahaha! I know right, some might envy me but that is life :p i wonder who among them lol!

      anyway, im still trying to figure out how i can post all my shoes and clothes (we have been talking about this for a long time already). maybe ill post it in fb first then tag you so you can comment if it's good to be published or not :p

      hope to see you soon!