Monday, April 08, 2013

OPI Liquid Sand Nail Polish

This is the first time that I bought an OPI nail polish because I usually buy Orly nail polishes. I saw this in Duty Free last Saturday, I was supposed to buy the pink one but there's no more stock so I just bought the purple one. I believe this is under the Mariah Carey line of nail polishes.

So last Thursday, I had my nails done at Nail Tropics in GB5 and brought along my own nail polish. At first, I was not satisfied with the outcome because it just looks like an ordinary nail polish with glitters. But once the polish dries up, I was amazed and happy with the result! It has a unique texture and look. I am now planning to buy the pink one if ever I see one in a store ^_^

I'll try my best to describe the result of the liquid sand nail polish, okay?

Once the polish gets dry (as in super dry), the texture changes from shiny and glossy to matte but still shiny. If you try to feel the polish, you can feel that it is still smooth but has that "sandy" texture. It's as if you put a nail polish and showered it with fine sand. It also has a slightly glittery look. It also does not chip easily and it also dries up quickly (compared to normal glossy nail polishes).

I don't know how much 1 bottle of liquid sand nail polish cost in the local malls since I bought mine in Duty Free but the price in Duty Free for 1 bottle of any OPI nail polish is $14.50 USD.

close up of the end result

I actually bought 2 bottles of OPI nail polish but the other one is just the ordinary glossy type. I'll blog about it once I've tried it.

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