Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Officially Darker

I am now officially darker than my original skin color!

I didn't have time to recover or go back to my original skin tone because of all the travels I had since last year. Imagine, I went to Boracay last October (I got dark there, as in sun burnt dark!), went back again last December, then last March (I got dark again this time!), went to Singapore last March also (got sun burnt by walking the whole day in the city) then Boracay again last week!

This is the darkest I've been and I don't know how long 'till I go back to my original color. Oh well, at least I get to travel :)

*Still hoping to go back to my original skin color soon!

Moving on, here is my outfit for today (back to work):

Top: from SG * Spag strap: Forever 21 * Skirt with belt: Forever 21 * Shoes: Aldo * Watch: Michael Kors * Bracelet: Promod

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