Wednesday, April 03, 2013

New Clothes Rack

Finally! I was able to buy a new clothes rack yesterday to replace the broken one.

I am not sure if i have mentioned it here in my blog already but during the time that I was in Singapore, my clothes rack gave up on me. So when I came home after my vacation, all my clothes are on my bed... it was a mess! I don't know where to put my old plus my new clothes.

So during lunch time yesterday, me, M and Y went to the mall to 1) check out a tennis racket for G and 2) so that I can finally buy a replacement for my broken clothes rack.

This time I bought the one that has 2 racks or whatever you call them so that I can hang more clothes hahahaha!

Here is the picture when there was chaos in the room:

And here is the "tidy room" picture:

cheap clothes rack from Landmark. only Php 1299

Now, I can buy more clothes (and shoes) hahahaha!

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