Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boracay Trip - March 2013 - Day 3

Day 3

We had a good night sleep and woke up a little late (7:30 am). So instead of going to the beach before breakfast, we headed straight to the buffet breakfast. After eating, we relaxed for a while before going to the beach. We swam in the beach for more than an hour then, as requested by G, transferred to the pool again. After staying in the pool for about 30 minutes  we transferred to another pool again! While there, we had some some mango shake (G's favorite drink) and fries for snacks. 

Filipino breakfast

taken by G

my daily outfit shot
swimsuit from anemone

G joined me in my pictorial at the beach :)

pool side
pool bar

We finished swimming around 1 pm then went to the room to pick up my dad so that we can have our lunch already. My parents bought crabs and clams for our lunch. We had them cooked at our favorite cooking service resto. The crabs were just steamed so that we can dip it in spicy vinegar while the clams were made into a soup (halaan) which G loved.

Going to the wet market

Half-eaten lunch

After lunch, we went back to the room to rest. Went out again around 4 pm to have an afternoon swim. G was having a great time in the kiddie pool and had made some friends but I was already feeling a little cold because it was becoming very windy already. I decided to get out of the pool and dry myself since i was getting cold but G still wants to play with his friend. After a while, G's friend left already and it was only him and 1 Korean kid who were swimming, so after a few more minutes we took a shower already to get ready for our dinner.

We ate dinner at Pancake House, G's favorite restaurant! He's been asking begging us to eat at pancake house ever since we arrived. His request was finally granted :) He ate his favorite mini pancakes and fried chicken with super yummy and creamy gravy.

G and his mini pancakes

fried chicken with rice and the super yummy gravy

strawberry milkshake

Top from Gap kids

By the way, the wave bar of Boracay Regency has already reopened yesterday. There was fun lights and music and G wanted to go inside the bar (looks like he is going to be a party animal when he grows up!). After walking around the beach for a little, we went back to the room to sleep so that we can wake up early on our last day and swim some more before going home.

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