Monday, April 15, 2013

Boracay Trip - March 2013 - Day 1

What a way to start our vacation!

First our 6:30am flight got delayed for a few minutes because the pilot is waiting for permission to fly out to Caticlan due to bad weather. After waiting for about 15minutes, the pilot informed us that we will be diverted to Kalibo (due to the bad weather in Caticlan). The new flight schedule will fly out at 7:30am. At about 8:15am the pilot informed us again that there are some mechanical problems in the plane that is causing the delay... Waaaaahhh!!!

We finally left NAIA around 8:30am and landed in kalibo at 9:30am. Then we had to ride the free shuttle provided by Cebu pacific to go to Caticlan. The trip to Caticlan will take around an hour and a half. Total waste of time right?! With our original plan, we were supposed to land in Caticlan at 7:30am. So anyway, during the long trip from Kalibo to Caticlan, G kept on asking me what's taking us so long... why aren't we in Boracay yet. He asked me, "are we near?" for 5 times! He also said that how come it takes a long time to go to Boravay unlike before wherein after we have landed in Caticlan, we would just go out the airport and look for the Boracay Regency representative who will bring us to the hotel.

*Airport/plane pictures:

Outfit of the day
Top: Aeropostale * Shorts: Forever 21 * Slippers: Havaianas * Watch: FCUK

Anyway, after that very long trip, we finally arrived at our hotel and we are so freaking hungry! Imagine, we have been awake since 3:30am and we arrived at our hotel at 12 noon! So right after checking in, we went to the nearest resto to eat our lunch. We skipped our usual first day lunch, which was to buy seafood and have them cook in the market because we wanted to eat ASAP! The nearest resto/fast food is McDonald's but that is out of our options because my dad does not like to eat at fast food joints. So we headed to the next best thing which is Shakey's.

Went back to the hotel to get our room keys and then went to our room to get some rest first before heading out to the beach or one of the pools. G kept on bugging me to let him swim already but I wanted to rest, play candy crush and then sleep a little hahahaha! I'm getting old, nowadays I prefer to just rest or stay in the room or just lounge near the pool or beach front instead of doing some activities or hanging out at night to party hahahaha!

Boracay Regency and hotel room pictures:

View from our balcony

We just stayed in the room for the rest of the afternoon and slept. We went out again to get some quick dinner before going back to the hotel to rest again.

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