Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Back to the Gym

Start your summer right. Hit the gym!

I started mine by going back to the gym yesterday. I brought along M, Y, JT and her friend JM. We all want to achieve a sexy body before our Boracay trip this weekend. Ha! As if we can get that by starting yesterday hahaha! But still, it's good to know that I will be able to lose weight, tone up my body and be sexy again LOL!

We were all tired after just 1 session in the gym. I can't remember the feeling of having an aching body (the last time I went to the gym was around august last year). Until today, my thighs are hurting and I can't walk properly (but I still wore my new high heels... oh for the love of shoes and fashion, I will endure all the pain :P ).

Tomorrow will be our 2nd session to the gym (good luck in getting a sexy Boracay body by Saturday hahaha!).

Anyway, here is my outfit picture for today:

too many mosquito bites :(

Top: Greenhills * Spag Strap: Forever 21 * Skirt with belt: Greenhills * Shoes: Bershka * Watch : Guess

*The shoes is another shopping find in Singapore. I love the neon green detail :D

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