Thursday, March 21, 2013


Because I was busy fixing up my work PC (which has been upgraded to Win 7 last night that's why I need to configure it again), I didn't have the time for my daily outfit pictorial inside the office. I just told Y to take my picture when we go out for lunch.

On the way to the restaurant/fast food place, M said he would use the restroom first. So, while wating for M to finish, I asked Y to take my picture at the lobby of the office building.

While Y was taking my picture (just a couple since it is a very public place) the guard (or whoever that is) suddenly told me this (which really infuriated me!):

Guard: "Ma'am bawal po yan!" (Ma'am that is not allowed!)

Me (obviously pissed and confused): "Bawal ang magpicture?!?!?!" (Taking pictures is not allowed?!)

Guard: "Hindi po, pero bawal po yan." (No, but that is not allowed)

Me (thinking WTF, you don't make any sense): "Ang alin?! Bawal ang ano?" (What is not allowed?)

Guard: "Kuha po kayo ng permit para makapag picture kayo." (Get a permit so that you can take your picture)

Me: "Permit?! Para saan?! Eh pinipicture-an ko lang ang sarili ko, kelangan pa ng permit?! Hindi naman ito for advertisment, this is for personal and private use!"
(Permit? What for? Why do I need a permit, I am just taking a picture of myself. Besides, this is for personal and private use only, not for any advertisment.)

Guard: "Private company po kasi ito." (This is a private company)

Me: "Private?! Dito ako nagwowork, nagrerenta ang office ko dito. At paano naging private kung kahit sino pwede pumasok para bumili or pumunta sa kung saan man??? Tumigil ka nga! You don't do that to me!"
(Private? I work here, my office rents a place here. How can you call this private if people can go in and out of this building freely? Just stop it! You don't do that to me!)

 I told Y to just take my picture.

Note: "You don't do that to me!" is the infamous line that was uttered by TV host Willie Revillame to his co-stars during his show. I just wanted to use that line to the guard to have a funny and happy ending hahahaha! I know for sure he laughed when he heard me say that :p

Presenting the "You don't do that to me" pictures:

Top: Pink Manila * Skirt: Promod * Shoes: Steve Madden * Bangles: Forever 21 * Watch: Charriol

Now, breathe and relax. Vacation is near, don't stress your self (me talking to myself).

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