Monday, March 11, 2013

Women's Month Horoscope

While browsing the yahoo news website today, i chanced upon the "Women's month astroyogi special". Of course, I got intrigued and wanted to know my horoscope:

Gemini: The Gemini woman is easy to spot but not so easy to pin down. You`ll find her with a cellphone plastered to her ear. She`s floating up in the air and is always on the move. She loves all forms of communication and you`ll find her surrounded with the latest gadgets, mobile phones, etc. She craves communication and exchange of ideas. If you can`t offer mental stimulation and fun conversations, she may soon lose her interest in you. She never falls in love completely; there`s always a part of her that she keeps to herself. Charming, intelligent, witty and original, this is one woman you simply cannot get enough of. Enchant her with something latest on the shelves; nothing antique will work for this woman.

ANG GALING! THIS IS SO ME! I don't really believe in horoscopes and hula but I always like to know what's in store for me, I use it as a guide and not as my destiny... NAKS!

Want to know your horoscope? Check it out at yahoo news.

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