Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Search of the Elusive Tennis Shoes

Saturday was supposed to be a rest day for me and G (M will go to the office to finish something). But since our vaio laptop (free when we bought our new TV last December) went crazy last week, M wanted it to be brought to the Sony Center at Trinoma. So he asked me to bring it there and bring G along so that we can also buy the tennis shoes needed for G's tennis lessons. I reluctantly agreed *sigh* (kunwari pa ako pero na-excite ako sa pag bili ng shoes hahaha!). M dropped me, G and yaya V at Trinoma and he said that he will just pick us up.

Our (me, G and yaya V) first stop is at Trinoma is Sony Center. I wanted the laptop issue to be done and over with so that I can go shopping freely hahahaha! Oddly enough, when the technician/salesman turned on the laptop to check the issue, the laptop scanned and repaired itself! So we all had to wait if the repair will fix everything or not. It fixed itself naman (the laptop) after waiting for about an hour and a half. I was kinda happy because it got fixed which means I don't have to bring it to the service center for diagnosis which also means that I can bring the laptop to SG!!! Woohoo!

After the laptop thing, it was already time to search for the tennis shoes. We went to Nike, no tennis shoes for kids, no cross training shoes for kids also! We then went to Toby's, no tennis shoes and no cross training shoes for kids again! Next stop is Landmark department store, still no tennis and cross training shoes for kids! We were already getting tired roaming around Trinoma by this time but still I wanted to find the shoes!!! We went to Olympic village, nada! Fail parin! Last stop is Kids Sports, they have lots of shoes for kids (Nike) BUT STILL NO TENNIS AND CROSS TRAINING SHOES!!! Waahhhh! Pagod na pagod na kami pero wala parin kami mahanap huhuhu! I distracted myself muna and let G try on some dri-fit shirt and shorts at Kids Sports. I was supposed to buy them na pero I called M first to tell him that I'll just buy the clothes, next time na yung shoes when I go to Makati kasi wala sa Trinoma. Kaso, he suggested that we could go to Makati na since 1 train ride lang naman siya. I agreed, ayun, I forgot na to buy the clothes :(

So from Trinoma, we rode the MRT to Makati. SM Makati, no tennis and cross training shoes. Nike Glorietta 4, no tennis and cross training shoes. Nike Greenbelt 3, no tennis and cross training shoes still! My gulay! Pagod na kami! I decided na mag break muna kami, eat muna at French Baker para naman magka energy kami again. I decided narin na while waiting for M in GB, magpapa pedicure muna ako. Time narin for yaya V and G to sit down and relax for a while.

G's food: Chicken ala king with chatime milk tea (mine yung salad and corn and mga tira).

Yaya V's food.

Then we met up with M and Y na, we went back to Glorietta to search the other stores for those tennis shoes. We went to Planet Sports, Fila, Toby's, etc. PERO WALA TALAGANG TENNIS OR CROSS TRAINING SHOES FOR KIDS!!! Naknangpupu! Nakakainis! Matatanggal na yung paa ko sa pagod PERO WALA PARIN NABIBILI NA SHOES! Kaya I decided, running shoes nalang since yun ang available sa mga stores. Also, since beginner palang naman si G sa tennis, ok lang na running shoes muna. Kapag nagustuhan niya ang tennis as a sport and medyo marunong na siya, then that's the time that we'll buy him the tennis shoes.

Kaso mo ito na, wala na available na size for G at Nike Glorietta! Hay! Good thing, meron pa sa GB3. So we went back again to GB3.
On our way back to GB3

The lady guard at Landmark told G: "Ang cute ng hat mo!"
G: "Mom, she said I'M CUTE!"
Me (thinking): "Kelan sinabi yun? Hat ang rinig ko na cute!"

G was happy with the running shoes, he tried it on and then kept on running inside the store. I asked him if nahuhubad ba yung shoes when he is walking or running, he said no. Then M saw na velcro lang yung lock nung shoes, the shoe laces are just a design. Ayun na, nag dalawang isip na si M kasi since medyo malaki yung shoes for G (may allowance kasi ng konti), he is worried na baka matanggal ang shoes kapag nagte-training na siya for tennis. He wanted yung shoes na may real shoe laces para pwede i-adjust. Eh wala na ibang running shoes there na available na may shoe laces, lahat naka velcro. Bwiset na salesman/lady (di ko tantsado eh hahaha!), nag suggest ba naman nung Kobe VII shoes nila for kids, di-tali daw kasi yun. Eh di pina-try ni M kay G then G went running around the store again. When we asked G which one does he prefer, ABA! YUNG KOBE NA DAW ANG GUSTO NIYA! ANAK NG TINAPA! Bakit naging ganun??? 1) I don't like Kobe and 2) Obviously, mas mahal yung Kobe shoes kesa dun sa running shoes!

while waiting for the shoes...

Nakakainis talaga! I told M, yun nalang running shoes kasi kakalakihan lang din ni G yun agad. Pero he was not convinced kasi nga G said that he prefers the Kobe shoes rather than the running shoes KASI DAW THE RUNNING SHOES AY NAHUHUBAD WHEN HE IS RUNNING (Huwat?! Kanina sabi mo hindi, bakit ngayon oo na? -_- ). Kaya wala na choice, buy nalang the Kobe shoes kesa the running shoes. Kaya ang task ni yaya V starting ng summer vacation is to teach G how to tie his shoe laces by himself!

When we checked the time, almost 9pm na. We just bought doughnuts at krispy kreme and (we bought pala the doughnuts before going back to GB3) mango bravo cake at Conti's before going home.

Krispy Kreme for G and my brother

Phineas and Ferb puzzle for G and Archie comics for me :D

Mango Bravo cake for G and my mom

New tennis racket rubber grip. Thanks to Y for lending G a tennis racket :D

New tennis attire for G from Toby's Glorietta

Equipe dri fit shirt for kids... cheaper than Nike

Equipe dri-fit shorts for kids

The rubber shoes

Ganda ng color noh? Mas type siya ni G kesa dun sa plain running shoes!

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