Friday, March 22, 2013

Metallic Black

It's only 12:54 pm and I am already feeling stressed and tired because of work!
- My office pc is still not fixed/configured properly
-2 morning meetings
- lots of things to check,  fix and revise for my testing
- needed to ask my officemate to restart the instance of what I am testing (because I still cannot run testing related applications @#%&$)
- took a little break to have my picture taken while instance is restarting
- started testing around 12:15 pm (which has a lot of issues and queries pending pft!)
- and now I can finally have my lunch and blog at the same time!

Yes, I am eating my lunch here in my desk so that I can still blog while I have the time. My last day at work for this week is very stressful, waaahhh!!!

Outfit for today:

Top: Terranova * Pants: Promod * Belt: Promod * Sandals: Aldo * Bangle: Forever 21 * Watch: FCUK

Quickie pictorial :)

*Title is metallic black because the pants I'm wearing is kind of metallic (but can't be see in the pictures :( )

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