Saturday, March 30, 2013

Singapore Day 3 Outfit

Day 3 in Singapore is allotted for Universal Studios and Sentosa.

My outfit for day 3 in Singapore. Taken at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station:

Top: Forever 21 * Spag strap: Forever 21 * Shorts: Zara * Slippers: Fit Flop * Watch: Michael Kors * Bag: Louis Vuitton

with Y

with M

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Singapore Day 2 Outfit

Another quick post from Singapore :)

Day 2 outfit of the day. I'll post more about my recent trips when i get home (hopefully).

Top: Cache Cache * Shorts with belt: Forever 21 * Shoes: Aldo * Watch: FCUK

Shorts close up

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Singapore Day 1

Hello from Singapore!

It's been a while since I last posted an entry (I haven't even posted my Boracay entries!). So, to make up for it, I'll post my outfit of the day for day 1 of my Singapore trip.

Top: Mango * Skirt: Forever 21 * Shoes: Aldo * Bag: Louis Vuitton Montorgueil * Watch: Michael Kors

Monday, March 25, 2013

Pinoy Jokes

Feeling stressed? Read and have a laugh at these pinoy jokes:


MANONG DRIVER: Saan po kayo papunta?
ABNORMAL: Sa dentista, pa-oopera ng mata kasi nabibingi na ako...


BRUNO: Ano yan mga nksulat?
JUAN: Ah eto listahan ng mga takot sken.
BRUNO: Bakit nakalagay pangalan ko dyan?
JUAN: Bakit lalaban ka ba?
JUAN: Eh di tatanggalin ko...


(Juan tinawagan ang Mental Hospital.)
NURSE: Mental Hospital hello.
JUAN: Ah miss, may pasyente pa po ba sa Room 308?
NURSE: Wala na po kasi naka takas. Bakit po sir?
JUAN: Ah... Wala sinisigurado ko lang kung nakalabas na ba talaga ako dyan.


Meanwhile In A Mental Hospital
(Nagdrowing si Doc ng pinto sa blackboard.)

DOC: Kung sino mauna makaLabas dito sa pinto, makakaLabas na dito sa hospital.
(Nag-unahan ang mga pasyente! My isang di tumakbo, at tumatawa!)
DOC: Mukhang magaling na itong isa ah! Matanong nga.
DOC: Bakit di ka nakipag-unahan?
PASYENTE: Abno mga yan. Pano sila makakalabas dun eh...
Nasaken ung susi!


TITSER: Juan late ka na nman, lagi na lang! Feeling mo bright ka! Ok tingnan natin, who's our National
JUAN: Jose Rizal mam!
TITSER: Nakatsamba ah!
JUAN: Ikaw mam, kilala mo si SONYA?
TITSER: Hindi, sino sya?
JUAN: Yan kasi puro ka aral, kabet yon nang asawa mo!


DAD: Bakit ngayon ka lang? Gabing-gabi na!
SON: Not now dad. I’m so tired. Ang daming projects dapat ipasa, activities na kailangan ipasa, research
for my thesis, interview with my prof. Tapos bukas may meeting pa with the dean. Im so stressed out!
DAD: (Sabay batok sa anak) Stressed out?! Hoy! Kinder ka lang! KINDER!


INTERVIEWER: Do you speak english?
APPLICANT: Abdul al-Rhasib
APPLICANT: Three to five times a week.
INTERVIEWER: No, no... I mean male or female?
APPLICANT: Yes, male, female, sometimes camel.
APPLICANT: Yes, cow, sheep animals in general.
INTERVIEWER: But isn't it hostile?
APPLICANT: Horse style, doggy style, any style!
APPLICANT: No, no! Dear runs too fast....

Friday, March 22, 2013

Metallic Black

It's only 12:54 pm and I am already feeling stressed and tired because of work!
- My office pc is still not fixed/configured properly
-2 morning meetings
- lots of things to check,  fix and revise for my testing
- needed to ask my officemate to restart the instance of what I am testing (because I still cannot run testing related applications @#%&$)
- took a little break to have my picture taken while instance is restarting
- started testing around 12:15 pm (which has a lot of issues and queries pending pft!)
- and now I can finally have my lunch and blog at the same time!

Yes, I am eating my lunch here in my desk so that I can still blog while I have the time. My last day at work for this week is very stressful, waaahhh!!!

Outfit for today:

Top: Terranova * Pants: Promod * Belt: Promod * Sandals: Aldo * Bangle: Forever 21 * Watch: FCUK

Quickie pictorial :)

*Title is metallic black because the pants I'm wearing is kind of metallic (but can't be see in the pictures :( )

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Because I was busy fixing up my work PC (which has been upgraded to Win 7 last night that's why I need to configure it again), I didn't have the time for my daily outfit pictorial inside the office. I just told Y to take my picture when we go out for lunch.

On the way to the restaurant/fast food place, M said he would use the restroom first. So, while wating for M to finish, I asked Y to take my picture at the lobby of the office building.

While Y was taking my picture (just a couple since it is a very public place) the guard (or whoever that is) suddenly told me this (which really infuriated me!):

Guard: "Ma'am bawal po yan!" (Ma'am that is not allowed!)

Me (obviously pissed and confused): "Bawal ang magpicture?!?!?!" (Taking pictures is not allowed?!)

Guard: "Hindi po, pero bawal po yan." (No, but that is not allowed)

Me (thinking WTF, you don't make any sense): "Ang alin?! Bawal ang ano?" (What is not allowed?)

Guard: "Kuha po kayo ng permit para makapag picture kayo." (Get a permit so that you can take your picture)

Me: "Permit?! Para saan?! Eh pinipicture-an ko lang ang sarili ko, kelangan pa ng permit?! Hindi naman ito for advertisment, this is for personal and private use!"
(Permit? What for? Why do I need a permit, I am just taking a picture of myself. Besides, this is for personal and private use only, not for any advertisment.)

Guard: "Private company po kasi ito." (This is a private company)

Me: "Private?! Dito ako nagwowork, nagrerenta ang office ko dito. At paano naging private kung kahit sino pwede pumasok para bumili or pumunta sa kung saan man??? Tumigil ka nga! You don't do that to me!"
(Private? I work here, my office rents a place here. How can you call this private if people can go in and out of this building freely? Just stop it! You don't do that to me!)

 I told Y to just take my picture.

Note: "You don't do that to me!" is the infamous line that was uttered by TV host Willie Revillame to his co-stars during his show. I just wanted to use that line to the guard to have a funny and happy ending hahahaha! I know for sure he laughed when he heard me say that :p

Presenting the "You don't do that to me" pictures:

Top: Pink Manila * Skirt: Promod * Shoes: Steve Madden * Bangles: Forever 21 * Watch: Charriol

Now, breathe and relax. Vacation is near, don't stress your self (me talking to myself).

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lady In Red

Midweek!!! My vacation is getting nearer... I'm so excited!!! Can't relax yet though because I still have lots of work and errands to do. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish them all in time...

Outfit photo for today:

awkward position: trying to sit on the table

those thunder thighs...

Dress: Forever 21 * Blazer: H & M * Shoes: Nine West * Watch: DKNY

I only have 2 red dresses in my closet, this one and the topshop dress (which is now gone since I gave it to my Grandma to be sold at her ukay ukay. I think she sold it for 150Php tsk). This is much comfortable than the topshop one since this is a bit flowy and very casual. It also has these nautical inspired gold buttons attached to the flap of the fake pockets.

Now, back to work :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kinder Graduation

G's Kinder graduation was last March 16. He wasn't able to attend the program because we were in Boracay (more on that later). The trip was my graduation gift to him, we had planned a year before so it was just coincidence that his graduation fell on the day that we are out of town.

Anyway, it is a good thing that the school had scheduled a graduation picture pictorial more than a month before the graduation day. At least G still have some graduation pictures even though he wasn't able to attend the program itself. We also bought a year book so that he will have some remembrance about his nursery and kinder years.

It's funny that there is just a slight difference in both pictures. Also, he looks very much like my brother here when my brother was younger (I should have scanned a photo of him when he was a kid and post it here for comparison).

Hay, he's a big boy already!

Fuchsia Tuesday

Outfit of the day post: Fuchsia tights Tuesday.

Dress: Armani Exchange * Tights: Forever 21 * Shoes: Kenneth Cole * Watch: FCUK

I need to find a new pictorial spot/place. The meeting room is getting boring (but it is the nearest place where I can have my picture taken). I also need to do some new poses to have some variety.

Any suggestions?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Back to Work

Hello friends, I'm back!

It's back to work Monday again! I had a nice vacation with my parents and G in Boracay last week but that is almost forgotten since I went back to work today. Lots of emails and lots of things to do at work!!! I had errands to do, timesheets to submit, emails to read and work to finish that I did not have any time to have my picture taken for my outfit of the day. I just had my pictorial after lunch at the carpark near my office building while walking back to the office hahahaha!

About my outfit: since I just came back from Boracay yesterday and I still feel tired and sleepy, I wasn't able to choose my attire for today properly. Not very fashionable but good enough for the office.


Top: Pink Manila * Skirt: Details * Belt: Forever 21 * Shoes: Michael Antonio * Watch: Guess

I have lots of things to blog about my Boracay trip. I'll post it soon, I still need to copy the pictures from the camera.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Forever 21 Sale - March 2013

Good news fellow shopaholics and Forever 21 lovers! 

Forever 21 in SM Makati and SM Cebu will be having a 3 - day sale this coming March 15 - 17, 2013!

It's payday this Friday so go to the Forever 21 sale and shop 'till you drop!

Last Day Of My Work Week


I am so happy and excited because today (Wednesday) is my last day of work for this week. Tomorrow is the start of my vacation! Yey! G is also very excited for his 3rd Boracay trip and has already packed his stuff last weekend. Too bad though that he cannot attend his Kinder graduation rites this Saturday. But whenever I tell him that he will miss his graduation, this is his default answer: It's okay, my teacher will just put my award and medal on the blackboard and I can just get it when I go back to school. Hahahaha! I don't think he knows that he will not go back to that school (NS Montessori) anymore because he will be studying in Ateneo already next school year.

Anyway, for my outfit post, I almost forgot about this dress which I haven't worn in a long time. I bought this during the black Friday Thanksgiving sale in the US (a few years ago) for only 16 USD! What a steal right?!

Uy! Mukhang payatola ang legs ko dito...

Dress: Bought in the US, forgot the brand (Max Love?) * Tube: Mango * Shoes: Steve Madden * Necklace: Forever21

Oops! Sorry for the visible router wires :p

*Note: Guys, I will be in blogging hiatus for a few days 'cause I won't be bringing our laptop to our trip. I don't want to be carrying too many bags eh, it's a hassle.

Outfit Of The Day: Tuesday

Can't think of any "creative" (as if I have that!) title for today's outfit post, hence he default outfit post title.

Top: Pink Manila * Spag strap: Forever 21 * Skirt: Meg * Shoes: Aldo * Gold bracelet: XOXO