Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Staycation at Sofitel Part 2


Dahil I'm too busy with EVERYTHING (yes, 90% is work related!), I'll just post the pictures that we took during our stay at Sofitel.

I'll post them in 2 batches kasi medyo madami dami sila.

*I don't know why not in sequence ang posting ng pictures here, sunod sunod ko naman sila in-upload... hayaan na.*

Happy Boy! Excited siya kasi favorite niya ang pool ng Sofitel, gusto niya dito na kami tumira!

Mas madami pa kaming dala na food kesa sa laman ng mini bar...

Model model-an

Type niya ang soft hotel slippers... in fairness, malambot talaga siya and comfy

Picture-an ko daw si G kasi ume-emote dun sa corner

Ready to go swimming!

right side view

box contains: nail file, sewing kit, cotton buds, facial cotton circle thing lol!

left side view

kiddie pool

Feeling model ako while making bantay kay G sa pool...

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