Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Saturday Family Day Out

The last 3 days was a busy weekend for us (Saturday to Monday).

Last Saturday, I had to go to a clinic in SM and I wanted also to buy all the pending things we need for G's 6th birthday in his school, so I asked them all (my mom T, hubby M and G's yaya V) to accompany me. Hubby had his haircut in Fix salon and then G wanted to play in a play area there so I let them be while I was inside the clinic. After, we all went to toy kingdom to buy things for the loot bags and invitations (G wanted a spongebob theme for his birthday). We also tried looking for a robo fish as G's birthday gift, but sadly it was out of stock. I also found out that there was a J. Co store in SM Fairview. We have never tasted a J. Co doughnut but are very curious as to why all the people are falling in line and are getting crazy with it. So we decided to buy a box filled with mini doughnuts that has all the flavors in it so that we can try all of them. We then had a quick lunch at Tokyo Tokyo before heading home.

When we got home, G was very excited to fix the loot bags for this birthday. So as soon as his yaya V brought down the stuff that we bought, we were already packing toys and candies in his spongebob loot bags. Afterwhich, we started eating, or should I say tasting, the doughnuts (tasting lang kasi we just took a bite in each of the doughnuts para matikman hahaha!). After tasting most of the doughnuts, all of us have concluded that there is nothing special with the J.Co doughnut, pero takang taka parin kami why ang dami daming tao parin ang nagkakagulo sa doughnut na ito.

Outfit of the day (Saturday): Simple and parang wala lang ang outfit kasi naman, ayaw ko maging overdressed sa SM Fairview haha!

Top and sando from F21, hurley pants, fitflops and gucci bag


Spongebob theme
 Anyway, when Sunday came, G was very excited to attend the birthday party of our neigbor. He thought kasi that it will be like the other birhtday party that we usually attend (may magicians and all). When he realized that it will just be a simple party with some games, ayun, naging shy nanaman siya and doesn't want to participate na sa mga games. Kaya after getting some goodies from the palayok, we decided to go home na (1 tumbling lang naman nasa bahay na kami e hehehe). At home, he just watched Wreck It Ralph for the 3rd time (buti medyo nagsawa na kakaplay ng Phineas and Ferb sa PS3). Then I told G that we should sleep early kasi the next day will be his field trip na (Monday).

I woke up early the following day (Monday) to prepare for G's field trip, obviously G was also very excited because he was already awake and dressed up while I was still dressing up. When I went down to fix his baon for the field trip, he kept on telling me and my dad B, "Let's go! Let's ride the car now!".

We were inside the bus already for around 15 minutes when G blurted out "Why aren't we leaving yet?!" Hahahaha! He wanted to go already, so when the bus finally left his school en route to our first destination, I told G "Okay, I am going to sleep. Please behave". When I was about to fall asleep, I heard someone in front (we were sitting near the rear of the bus) said something using a microphone (I barely understood what he said). It turns out, we have a tour guide! I've never been to a field trip before that has a tour guide! Hahaha! After that, I had a hard time sleeping already because I kept on rolling my eyes and hiding my laughter! Alam ko you're gonna ask me why I kept on rolly my eyes and hiding my laughter... paano naman kasi we had the worst tour guide ever! In fairness to him, jolly siya and may funny antics siya, but my golly! His grammar (alam ko hindi ako magaling sa english and may mga mali mali din ako, pero yung kanya simple grammar mali parin!) is malala talaga sa mali, G speaks better english than the tour guide! AND worst of all, the tour guide was eating his words! Wala tuloy ako maintindihan masyado hahahaha!

The field trip activities were really for the kids, kasi I got bored hahahaha! When we were in MOA Science Discovery Center, I wanted to leave G with his teachers so that I can shop! Lol! May 1 month na kasi since I last went shopping kaya kating kati na ako to shop. Anyway, back to the topic, it was already 3pm when we left MOA and everybody was tired except G! When we arrived in his school, he was watching the film on board the bus (Smurfs) while everyone (including the parents) were asleep. Tsk. Hyper talaga tong batang ito!

Eto pala picture of our lunch during the field trip (Pancake house in MOP):

Both are G's favorite: Classic mini pancakes and 2pcs chicken

Well, that's about it. Yun na lahat ng nangyari last weekend. Madami pa ata ako kwento pero most of it nakalimutan ko na! I'll note it down next time para mas may sense naman yung mga kwento ko sa blog na ito. :p

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