Friday, February 15, 2013

Evil Eye Amulet

Happy Friday! Hello to a busy weekend ahead of me!

Anyway, I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts na may mini tiangge sa lobby ng aming office building. They are selling chinese feng shui lucky charms, mga food and other stuff na pang Valentine's.

So before heading for lunch yesterday with M and Y at CPK GB5, umatake na muna ako ng mini shopping ko.

Picture muna ng aming lunch (di ko na na-picture-an ang pizza, nilamon na namin eh):

Ravioli (tama ba spelling?) and Carbonara

Here the things that I was able to buy sa pag sha-shopping ko sa lobby:

1. Chocolate lollies (no picture)
2. Dulce de Leche ensaymada (no picture)
3. Feng shui necklace - attracts money daw! Sana totoo!
4. Evil Eye Amulet - cute eh! Lol!

Picture in the elevator, alone ako eh.
Necklace - Php 150

Evil Eye Amulet - Php 800
Need to carry the lucky charm daw everyday with me, so I attached it to my everyday bag :)

It's my first time to buy so hindi ko alam na may mga dasal or whatever seremonyas pa yung mga stuff na nilalagay sa bowl. Mag wish daw ako in my mind while putting my hand inside the bowl. Tapos mag bell bell yung tindera dun sa bowl with my stuff inside it. After that, she asked me na to get my stuff inside the bowl, bawal hawakan ng tindera! Ako lang ang pwede!

Sana maging effective ito. Medyo expensive kasi siya ha.

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