Sunday, February 24, 2013

Craving for Ravioli and Carbonara

Spaghetti Carbonara * Mushroom Ravioli * Hawaiian Pizza

I dragged M and Y at CPK GB5 again last Friday since I was craving for CPK's ravioli and carbonara. They have the best pasta dishes especially my 2 favorite (ravioli and carbonara nga!).

The ravioli tastes so good. It is creamy and very malasa, di rin tinipid yung mushroom and the pasta itself is very al dente. Same goes with the carbonara, yun nga lang, if you eat the ravioli first then the carbonara medyo magiging matabang na yung carbonara since sobrang malasa yung sauce nung ravioli.

The pizza naman is a bit disappointing, hindi na siya kasing sarap like before. Medyo masyado maasim yung sauce and masyado din 'basa' or malabsa yung pizza. The canadian bacon also is not as good as the pepperoni (the one we ordered before).

The verdict: I'll still eat here again. Aside sa favorite ko sa CPK, masarap talaga ang food nila. The quality is good, hindi kuripot sa servings and the service is good as well. Kinda pricey lang talaga ang food here pero since madami ang servings, sulit narin.

**I don't know why this was not published agad. This is supposed to be the entry before my shopping post X_x**

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