Thursday, February 28, 2013

Look Here...I Cut Off The Ears!!!

G: "Look here! I cut off the ears!
Me: "What ears?"
G: "The ears of your hat, the pink one!"
Me: "Oh ok... (thinking he was kidding since I don't have a hat with ears)"
G: "I'll show you the ears, I put them inside my slippers..."

(he got something inside his slippers)

G: "See!!! The ears!!!"
G: "... I thought they were ears..."

And that's the story of how my H&M winter hat got destroyed.

*Buti nalang I got this on sale for only $7. Kung hindi naglupasay na siguro ako sa galit!*

Uhm... you look like a flower...?

Top: Forever 21 * Spag strap: Forever 21 * Blazer: H&M * Skirt: Forever 21 * Shoes: Gucci * Bangle: Forever 21 * Watch: Michael Kors

*Note: Sorry naman kung I have fat and dark knees, ginagawan ko na siya ng paraan :p

After I dressed up yesterday morning, I asked M if my getup was ok.

Me: "Maganda ba? Pangit noh?"
M: "Uhm... mukha kang flower!"

He was referring to my peplum skirt hahahahaha!

Got nothing much to say today since I am puyat from last night's drinking/kwentuhan session. Imagine me being in the office still at 1230am! Then back to the office again today... sana lang pumapayat ako everytime I get puyat... that would be great! HAHAHAHA!

*I created this entry in the office while M and the others are eating their 'after drinking meal' to fight off my antok*

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Japanese School Girl Pāto 2

I was sick last Monday so I don't have any outfit posts for the weekend as well as Monday.

BUT, I decided to wear my school girl outfit yesterday in the office. I used to wear this with black knee high socks and my maroon mary jane shoes when I was still in my former office. We are allowed to wear any casual clothes kasi there. Kaso when I transferred to another company, kelangan business attire from Monday to Thursday, so I wear tights nalang (or sometimes no tights) instead of my knee high socks.

Top: Topshop * Spag strap: Mango * Skirt: Gap Kids * Tights: Forever 21 * Shoes: Aldo * Watch: FCUK

How NOT To Park - Lesson 101

While looking for a parking space in the office, I saw this (yes, ganun ako ka pakielamera hahaha!):

Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng nagpark na car na lumagpas siya sa tire guard/stopper! 2 pa yan stopper na yan ha, for the 2 front wheels and the driver of this car still managed to shoot itself in between those tire stoppers... AMAZING!

Notice also in the first and last picture yung difference ng distance ng mga cars dun sa pader.. kasya ang tao. Yun sa kanya, daga nalang nag kasya.

Sorry, pakielamera talaga ako... mataas kasi ang self confidence ko pagdating sa parking at driving skills ko (transalation: I am a good better driver than most men... those who do not agree will have to test me on the road (the infamous Manila rush hour traffic!)) hahahaha!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SuperSale Bazaar - March 2013


SuperSale Bazaar’s Summer Edition is happening on March 1-3, 2013 at the World Trade Center from 10am-9pm.

Post on Instagram and Tweet your favorite looks and pieces to win prizes and don't forget to tell us which tastemakers and bloggers are topping your best-dressed list! Try to get a snapshot with them during the 3-day fete. Don’t forget to follow @supersalebazaar and tag #supersalebazaar. Tons of prizes await!

* For the Benefit of World Vision, helping build a better world for children.
* You may pre-purchase tickets via SM cinema outlets or online
* For inquiries email us at or contact us at +63917-8013772.
* Visit for more details and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @supersalebazaar

Note: This is for informational purposes only. The author of this blog is not in any way connected with this event.

New Phone Case!

I got a new phone case for only Php 250!!! Cute cute-an lang ang peg niya pero pwede narin kesa sa old phone case ko. As you can see in the picture, gutay gutay na siya at nakakahiya na siya gamitin hahahaha! Ganda nga ng phone ko, gusgusin naman ang lalagyan bwahahaha!

I'm planning to buy more phone cases like this since mura lang pala siya. Watch out for it :)

Adora Sale

I just found out about this now!

Adora Philippines is slashing off up to 70% off on selected items today until Feabruary 28, 2013. For updates please check their official Facebook page:


Note: This is for informational purposes only. The author of this blog is not in any way connected with this event.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Craving for Ravioli and Carbonara

Spaghetti Carbonara * Mushroom Ravioli * Hawaiian Pizza

I dragged M and Y at CPK GB5 again last Friday since I was craving for CPK's ravioli and carbonara. They have the best pasta dishes especially my 2 favorite (ravioli and carbonara nga!).

The ravioli tastes so good. It is creamy and very malasa, di rin tinipid yung mushroom and the pasta itself is very al dente. Same goes with the carbonara, yun nga lang, if you eat the ravioli first then the carbonara medyo magiging matabang na yung carbonara since sobrang malasa yung sauce nung ravioli.

The pizza naman is a bit disappointing, hindi na siya kasing sarap like before. Medyo masyado maasim yung sauce and masyado din 'basa' or malabsa yung pizza. The canadian bacon also is not as good as the pepperoni (the one we ordered before).

The verdict: I'll still eat here again. Aside sa favorite ko sa CPK, masarap talaga ang food nila. The quality is good, hindi kuripot sa servings and the service is good as well. Kinda pricey lang talaga ang food here pero since madami ang servings, sulit narin.

**I don't know why this was not published agad. This is supposed to be the entry before my shopping post X_x**

Shopping Hiatus... daw!

Shopping loots!

44% OFF! 1500 Php nalang!

70% OFF! 808 nalang!

I did not take a picture of the others kasi they were not on sale and so malaki pa ang chance na  madami pa stock nun and since masungit nga ako baka may gumaya at maging kapareha ko bwahahahaha!

I am on shopping hiatus since the start of the year. Madami reasons why I have decided to not shop for at least 3 months: 1) Nagtitipid ako. 2) I have too much clothes already to the point na bumigay na 1 door of my cabinet and the clothes rack that was supposed to be used by M eh ako na ang gumamit. 3) Have I mentioned that I have too many clothes that I needed to buy a whole new cabinet for M's clothes? 4) Napuno  ko narin ang storage room namin... napuno ko na na siya ng shoes ko! 5) Nagbawas pa ako ng clothes niyan sa lagay na yan and 5) I am preparing myself para sa SG trip namin LOL!

*I'll take a picture of my clothes and shoes and post it here next time. Matagal narin nirerequest ng friends ko na si Y and K na ipost ko ang collection ko hahahaha!*

Anyway, last friday ang lakad ko lang talaga dapat is to have a pedicure then do a little grocery and go home. But around 430pm, I received an sms message from my mom telling me that she is in Makati. She was asking me to meet here at GB5 kasi she wants to show me something daw that she wants to buy. So after office, punta ko GB5... tingin tingin... ang ending mas madami pa ako nabili kesa sa kanya AND hindi niya binili yung pinakita niya sakin hahaha!

Dapat yung accessories lang na nakita ko ang bibilihin ko but she was fitting some clothes on so ikot ikot ako inside the store and saw the sale rack. Good thing kasya sakin ang halos lahat ng smallest size ng mga clothes ng Promod kasi most of the clothes on sale are either the smallest or the biggest size. Ayun, nakakita ako ng 2 pants on sale! I can wear them in the office since hindi maong ang tela nila.

Kaya yung dapat almost 3 months ko na "no shopping" rule eh na-break ko! Pampalubag loob nalang ay on sale naman yung binili ko hehehe. Promise, first and last na ito, next shopping ko will be in SG na (kelangan ko magpigil!!!)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Rainy Friday

Top: Forever 21 * Skirt: Tango * Belt: Forever 21 * Shoes:  Nine West * Necklace: Forever 21 * Watch: Michael Kors

I have been sick since Wednesday tapos ngayon umuulan pa :( Bad combination and rain and my sickness... but dahil meron akong dedication sa aking work (NAKS! promotion naman diyan, pwede din pay raise hehehehe!) pumasok parin ako.

I have mentioned na marami pa ako dapat ipost here but don't have the time yet. SANA talaga this weekend mapost ko na sila kasi malapit na malapit ko na sila makalimutan!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Skirt for Kids on Sale!

This is a great shopping find by my mom. Obviously, sa kanya ako nagmana ng pagiging shopaholic mas malalang version nga lang ako. Bakit mas malala ako sa pagiging shopaholic kamo? Here are my answers:

- Lagi ako nasa mall, memorized ko na most of the malls here in the metro!
- There was a time in my life na super addict ako sa shopping, every single day nagsha-shopping ako!
- Syempre there were times na hindi ako nakakapag mall every day so binabawi ko siya kapag weekends... yung dapat na nabili ko for 1 whole week, bibilihin ko siya in 1 Saturday.
- I feel depressed and sad kapag matagal na ako hindi nakakapag mall
- When I was in the US a couple of years ago, nag prepare talaga ako para sa Black Friday sale. Sa sobrang ka-atatan ko mag shop, I forgot to eat na. Imagine, nasa mall na ako ng 7am tapos pagdating ng mga 4pm napansin ko na nahihilo hilo na ako. Yun pala kasi wala pa ako kinakain the whole day hahaha! Pero closing time na ng mall ako umalis kasi sinuyod ko pa every corner ng mall hehehe.
- At dahil nagtitipid ako, I haven't shopped since January of this year. Yan ang dahilan kung bakit minsan nagde-day dream ako about shopping or worse napapanaginipan ko na ang sarili ko na nasa mall at nagsha-shop!


Anyway, back to the topic ng post na ito. Since shopaholic nga din ang mom ko, meron siya binili na skirt sa terranova na for kids tapos sale siya. She showed it to me and nagustuhan ko, walang problema kahit for kids lang kasi kasya sakin ang mga clothes na pang kids hahahaha! OO MALIIT KASI AKO... OK LANG CUTE NAMAN LOL!

So ayun nga, she went back to buy me my own skirt:

Terranova Kids Skirt: Php 195 ONLY!

O diba?! Ang cute niya, pang winter siya pero care ko kung walang winter dito sa Pinas. Isusuot ko parin siya! Hahaha! This is a good shopping find kasi 1) on sale siya for 195 Php only! and 2) for kids siya so I'm sure wala ako makakapareho nito na grown up na! HAHAHAHA!

*napaisip ako... dapat ata hindi ko nilalagay dito where I am buying my clothes para wala ako masyado kapareha... masungit pa naman ako! >:) *