Friday, February 01, 2013

The First of Many Posts

Ever since Facebook came out I haven't been writing and posting blog stories anymore (I used to in my old multiply account, but sadly mas nauso si Facebook and then multiply removed its social networking feature na).

So I decided to create nalang a blog wherein I can share my stories, adventures, shopping finds, outfit of the day and anything under the sun that I want to share. This is also a way for me to feel like I'm talking to someone just to tell my stories since I rarely see my barkada (twice a year) and my close friend from my previous office (twice a year din, I think), so wala ako mapagkwentuhan (well, aside from M <husband> and my mom T). I feel kasi sometimes na para akong lukaret because I tend to talk to myself because my friends are not with me para makinig sa kwento ko hahaha!

I want also a place where I can document everything!

To start off, here's what I am wearing today:

Top from Forever21, spag strap from Mango, pants from Zara, shoes from Aldo
Sorry for the quality of the picture, I just used my phone and the lighting inside the house was kind of dark.

Here's another shot, this time I opted to have it taken outside to have better lighting:

With my Gucci bag (Christmas gift from M <3 )

Stay tuned for more as I'll be posting my shopping finds, outfit of the day, travel stories, everyday adventures, recommended products to use, etc.

PS: I am not that good with the english language, so bear with me as I'll be posting entries using Taglish or Tagalog. :)

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